Shopping Strips of Singapore

Singapore is well known for its shopping, which almost competes with its obsession with food.  It’s rare that a year goes by without another shopping place opening up.  It tends to cost more to shop in Singapore than it does in Thailand and Malaysia, but it is a lot more familiar and convenient that its neighbors.  In the past, shoppers could get a steal on computers and electronics, but that is no longer the case unless you really shop around.  Reasonably priced Asian antiques can be found, though, and the clothes in Singapore tend to be cheaper than buying them in other Western countries.

Orchard Road

This shopping area is 2.2km and is inspiring and horrific at once.  It includes more than twenty shopping centers and the sheer size of this place can be quite overwhelming.  Another mall, Orchard Gateway, opened in 2014 as if there weren’t enough malls around already.  It is another giant in the shopping scene.


Haji Lane

You may walk right past this place if you blink when going past this narrow alleyway in Kampong Glam.  For Singapore’s hipsters, this is a place worthy of a pilgrimage.  The different boutiques in this shopping area are constantly coming and going, but you can always find a large range of clothes for men and women, plenty of accessories, and homewares.  There are also a few bars and small cafes available.


Rivaling Haji Lane, this is Singapore’s hottest new shopping place because of its selection of lifestyle boutiques and hip fashion.  When you are finished with your shopping, you can reward yourself with a brunch at the leisurely 40 Hands Coffee, Tiong Bahru Bakery, or PS Cafe Petit.

Little India

Little India is the world apart from the large malls of Orchard Road.  There is a treasure trove of antiques, art, music and food along these ramshackle streets.  The Mustafa Centre stores are an experience in itself with their infamous 24-hour service. Here, bargain hunters can find great deals on electronics while those looking for computers will do well by shopping at Sim Lim Square.  If you are more interested in boutiques, handicrafts, and textiles, the thieves market is where you should go.

Regardless of what you are looking for, Singapore has something to offer.