Cheap Outdoor Attractions In Singapore

Outdoor shows in Singapore are fun for everyone. What’s more, most of the shows are free and you can enjoy them with your friends and family members. Here are some top shows that are a must to see in Singapore.

  •         Supertree Grove light show

This is a light show that wows everyone who has seen it. You will feel as if you are in a fairy tale land. The Garden Rhapsody is a show that can be seen in Gardens by the Bay. It is on every evening. Here the trees and landscape are lighted up and come together under thematic music. Every detail is tuned to create a magical atmosphere. Even if you have seen it once, you can come back to see it again as the lighting and musical themes keep changing.

  •         Wander full light and water show

This is another great show that is free in Singapore. The choreography that is created with projections and singing fountains make it a wonderful display to check out in the evenings. The holiday atmosphere that is created at this show makes it wonderful. You can check out this show from the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall area. It is showcased from Thursday till the weekend.

  •         The cloud forest

This is another interesting exhibit to check out that is free for you to experience. A surreal atmosphere is created with artificial waterfalls and planted walls. You will be able to check out rare plants and the 35-meter hill that is manmade and covered by lush greenery. The waterfall here is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

  •         Singapore botanical gardens

This is another place that you must visit when you are in Singapore. Entrance to Botanic Garden is free of charge. The alleys in the garden are wonderful to wander around and there are so many garden animals and insects to check out. You could even visit the National Orchid Garden here that comes with a nominal entrance fee.

The above places are wonderful to check out and testimony to the novel places and architecture you could find in and around this city.

A Quick Exploration Of Singapore

When you land at Changi Airport in Singapore you realize that you have landed at a premier city in the eastern part of the world. The airport itself is a wonder for all travelers. There is a free cinema here as well as swimming pool and even multiple gardens to spend your time here. If you have a short time on hand to spend in Singapore, here are some tips on how to maximize your time in the city.

The East-West line is the best to choose for the MRT system in Singapore that will help you explore the city and check out the cityscape in a comprehensive manner. When you take MRTs along this line you get to view the cityscape in full. The public housing blocks are visible and tall buildings, all in different hues of rainbow colors. You could stop by Tanah Merah. You could take a bus to Changi Point Ferry Terminal from here, which can take you to Pulau Ubin, an island that offers outdoor adventures of all kinds as well as wetlands and natural reserve areas to explore.

Those who are more interested in checking out local and ethnic parts of the city, they can get down at the Paya Lebar station. Here Peranakan communities inhabit largely. You could check out the shop houses of this community here as well as enjoy a unique cultural and food experience here.

You could also stop by Bugis where you will find heritage monuments of the Malay and Arab communities. The Sultan Mosque here is worth seeing as well as the colorful cafes and boutiques here.

You need to include Raffles Place and City Hall on your list of places to check out in Singapore. These are easy to locate on the MRT lines. When you have checked out these areas you will also find numerous shopping venues and restaurants that you will love to check out. Other places that you can include if you have time are the spiky domes of Esplanade theater, the Marina Bay Sands resort on the bay and the Merlion which is a famous symbol of the city. You could also take a detour to Chinatown to enjoy the roadside eateries and shopping areas in this part of the city. Queenstown and Jurong East are other popular city landmarks to visit. These places once covered, will help you get a gist of the city as a whole.

Exploring Japanese Food In Singapore

If you are exploring Japanese food outlets in Singapore, you will have several options. Indeed, dining experiences can be varied in different parts of the city. You could even focus on a certain food item that is part of the Japanese cuisine and try different variations in different places. For instance, the Tonkatsu or pork cutlet is a dish that is enjoyed by many. You will find several restaurants in the city like Saboten that makes a great variety of chicken and deep fried pork cutlets that are delectable.

Other Japanese food items that you can explore on the menu of most established Japanese restaurants are Chawanmushi. It is a side dish that is popular in this cuisine. It is not the thick egg custard that you think it is. When prepared well, it is a soft and fluffy texture and has ingredients like corn or crab meat added to it. Other delectable meat dishes in any reputed Japanese restaurant would comprise of items like Katsu sets of mini tenderloins, scallops and prawns. Such a dish is heaven for Katsu lovers. The Katsu dishes are usually served with Ebu Mayo that provides the perfect indulgence.  If you wish to add a unique flavor to your dish, the Shiso wood can be used to grind sesame seeds and poured into the Katsu sauce, this helps to enhance the flavor and taste of the fries.

You could even try beef dishes that can be cooked in a pot as you wish to. This can vary from the thin slices of the meat being savored lightly cooked to well done along with vegetables like cabbage.

If you are planning to try Japanese cuisine in the city, your options are plentiful. You might choose one as per the location of your preference, the kind of cuisine specialties they offer, price range and other themes. The popular names include Colony, Lau Pa Sat, The Line, Neon Pigeon, Shinji by Kanesaka and others.

With plenty of choices, you can easily look up eateries as per location, budget and review ratings. You can then check their menu details online, find the specialty items they offer as well as read up what others have to say about their dining experiences here. These aspects will help you decide on which Japanese restaurant you wish to visit to try some of your favorite dishes or try something new on the menu. Singapore is one city that has numerous eateries offering diverse cuisines in different parts of the city. You will surely find several choices in the area you are living or residing. You could even choose to visit one as per the ratings or recommendations of other culinary enthusiasts in the city.


The Historical Neighborhood of Jalan Besar

At the end of 2014, the famous Lavender Food Square of Singapore shut its doors. It was a great place for the foodies then, but it still is now.  Between Kampong Glam and Little India is still a great place to go eat.  One great place to eat, where your food is cut with scissors, is Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice.  Another is Sungei Road Laksa for laksa that is still cooked old school over a charcoal fire.  If you prefer your food to be from out of this world, you need to go to Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster cake, where the snacks are shaped like UFO’s and you can never eat just one.  The famous Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant is where to go if you have a knack for dim sum late at night.

If you are more into coffee than food, the best local spot for you to meet your addiction is at Chye Seng Hual Hardware. The General Company, just upstairs, is a wonderful place to enjoy good designs while drinking your coffee.  The wide array of artisan products on display will tempt even the most humble artist to sign up for one of the craft workshops offered there.  The Bravery offers a unique lavender latte and serves up some wonderful pancakes if you are in the area for brunch. Looking for something sweet?  You need to check out Windowsill Pies.  You will be drooling over their homemade tarts from the window when you go.  Another sweet spot is the Butter Studio for delicious cupcakes.

Are you in the market for some new clothes?  If so, perhaps you should try shopping at a.e.i.o.u, a retro shop that is also famous for their avocado coffee.  The Refinery is another cool place to eat that offers a workshop full of crafts in their upstairs area.

If it’s close to time for dinner, head over to Suprette.  There, you will find a large selection of grown up drinks and delicious comfort food.  If you are more into French food, Cocotte is a rustic place to eat, or you can go to Babette for foie gras donburi and steak prepared in the French-Japanese way.

No matter what your taste in food and shopping, Jalan Besar has something for everyone!

Keong Saik

Are you looking for the place in Singapore where all the cool kids hang out?  If so, you need to check out Keong Saik.  This area in the red light district has become the place to hang out for all of the trend setters.  The area is on the fringe of Chinatown and is focused around three roads, Teck Lim, Jiak Chuan, and Keong Saik.  It is known as the best destination to hang out after dark.

In order to gain access to the library, you have to whisper the password to the bookkeeper.  This place is a secretive watering hole that serves cocktails you can only imagine from behind a bookcase.  Next door is The Study, a place that looks and feels like a British bistro, where you must ask for the key.  If you are looking for a place that is geared towards men, The Cufflink Club is your place. It has decor that is brooding and a menu of drinks to match that.  Copper is the new kid on the block and has the biggest selection of gin in the area.

If you are looking for dinner in the area, an all in one venue is offered by Potato Head Folk.  They offer a cocktail lounge, burger bar, and an alfresco tiki-style bar on the rooftop.  If you want more of a casual dinner, Muchachos is open from noon until midnight with good valued Mexican food.  Another option is a restaurant that is dimly lit, reminiscent of Tokyo in the 1950s, called Mariko’s.  It got its name from a fictional manga hooker from Japan.

Are you interested in finding a place for dinner that is a bit more daring?  The ever changing menu offered at Lollapalooza will please those with adventurous palates.  Esquina’s has tapas that are excellent, yet pricey.  If you are more into desserts, try out Banana Tree , a chain out of South Korea, for desserts served in kooky pots.

Keong Saik also has cool things in the daylight hours. Rose Citron offers home furnishings that are French and Asian inspired, as well as children’s items and accessories.


More Singapore Shopping

One of my favorite pastimes here in Singapore is finding new places to shop.  It seems that I am always finding more the longer I stay.  Here are some places I have found recently.

Holland Road Shopping Centre

This shopping center  is a wonderful place for handicrafts, gifts, and art, attracting those into fashion and the expats.  Hopefully, this place will make it through the redevelopment that Singapore is going through.  Things you will find here include a large selection of home furnishings from Lim’s Arts & Living, an array of retro dresses from Island & Archipelago, and a huge selection of secondhand books at EMF.  There is also massage and reflexology shops on the third level for those who need refreshing after shopping.

Dempsey Road

Southwest of Singapore Botanic Gardens lies Dempsey Rd.  This area has really boomed recently as the old colonial army barracks have been turned into bars and high-end restaurants. In the past, there were mostly just antique and art shops here and , luckily, they have survived the boom.  During the day, this area is peaceful and great for taking a stroll.  One of the shops here includes antique stores like Shang Antique, a shop with some items more than 2000 years old.  If you are looking to decorate your home, check out Asiatique fro Indonesian furniture or Pasardine Fine Living for Asian decorative furnishings.


This large, distinctive, waterfront location looks like something out of the Flintstones.  VivoCity, facing Sentosa Island, was launched as the new Singapore retail poster child in 2006.  This was considered the mall that would rival Orchard Rd, keeping the shoppers from the madness.  The planners added the Sentosa Monorail  in the building to help with the plan, a way to force people into the mall.  It is a pleasant place to shop, but it hasn’t quite made it to the planned iconic status they wanted.  The mall includes a rooftop “skypark” for children to splash around, an outdoor kids’ playground, lots of open space, and a big Golden Fillage cineplex.  This mall boasts almost every category of items to be purchased known to mankind with its more than 90k square meters of space.  There are several bars and restaurants, many including outdoor seating areas, where you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze.



Off the Beaten Path

There are some unique experiences as well as places in Singapore that even some residents don’t know are there. From hot springs to green corridors, continue reading to learn where to discover a piece of bona fide regional life in Singapore. As well as the faster you go, the far better, as Singapore changes so promptly you never understand when you could blink and miss out on something.

Check out Bukit Brown Cemetery

Home of nearly 100,000 graves, Singapore’s earliest burial ground has numerous sophisticated Chinese-style tombs as well as headstones. Many of Singapore’s earlier pioneers are buried right here and the earliest recognized headstone goes back to 1833. Deserted in 1973, the burial ground continues to be a rich, thick sanctuary. It’s huge by Singapore requirements, at 0.86 SQ km in dimension. A concerted effort has been made by the locals to keep it from bring redeveloped. Take an early morning stroll with the premises for an extremely non-Singaporean encounter, and also converse with the resident caretaker. If you ask perfectly, he could explain the graves of remarkable citizens such as the grandfather of Singapore’s initial head of state Kuan Yew, Lee Hoon Leong (1879-1942), and of Gan Eng Seng (1844-1899), that established the Anglo-Chinese Free Institution in 1885 offering free education to the children from low-income households. My Canadian friend, Barbara, from would especially love this place since she enjoys hiking through unique cemeteries!

Go to among Singapore’s last kampongs

The kampong (town) at Lorong Buangkok, as if willed into existence from an old black-and-white picture from the 1950s, is mainland Singapore’s last spot of resistance against the tide of contemporary growth. Hidden behind a wall of trees, a dozen or so families that call this small swathe of land lived a completely straightforward presence, similar to their forefathers carried out in days gone by. For in this place, the locals leave their doors open, chickens run all over town weaving in and out of buildings, and the dogs sit on porches using their ears to flick away flies.

Walk Singapore’s verdant railway

In July 2011, when the 23km-long train line was shut down that went from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands, the residents decided to embrace the abandoned route along the tracks as a fantastic area to get away from the bustle of the streets and stretch their legs . The course goes throughout train line bridges and through parcels of Singapore’s lovely and priciest real estate. It starts near the CBD and also winds its way northwest. While there’s still discussions regarding exactly what will come to be of the land, a passionate grassroots movement is seeking to establish exactly what has currently become known as Singapore’s Environment-friendly Corridor into a permanent public space. A non-elevated version of New York City’s High Line, if you will.


Shopping Strips of Singapore

Singapore is well known for its shopping, which almost competes with its obsession with food.  It’s rare that a year goes by without another shopping place opening up.  It tends to cost more to shop in Singapore than it does in Thailand and Malaysia, but it is a lot more familiar and convenient that its neighbors.  In the past, shoppers could get a steal on computers and electronics, but that is no longer the case unless you really shop around.  Reasonably priced Asian antiques can be found, though, and the clothes in Singapore tend to be cheaper than buying them in other Western countries.

Orchard Road

This shopping area is 2.2km and is inspiring and horrific at once.  It includes more than twenty shopping centers and the sheer size of this place can be quite overwhelming.  Another mall, Orchard Gateway, opened in 2014 as if there weren’t enough malls around already.  It is another giant in the shopping scene.


Haji Lane

You may walk right past this place if you blink when going past this narrow alleyway in Kampong Glam.  For Singapore’s hipsters, this is a place worthy of a pilgrimage.  The different boutiques in this shopping area are constantly coming and going, but you can always find a large range of clothes for men and women, plenty of accessories, and homewares.  There are also a few bars and small cafes available.


Rivaling Haji Lane, this is Singapore’s hottest new shopping place because of its selection of lifestyle boutiques and hip fashion.  When you are finished with your shopping, you can reward yourself with a brunch at the leisurely 40 Hands Coffee, Tiong Bahru Bakery, or PS Cafe Petit.

Little India

Little India is the world apart from the large malls of Orchard Road.  There is a treasure trove of antiques, art, music and food along these ramshackle streets.  The Mustafa Centre stores are an experience in itself with their infamous 24-hour service. Here, bargain hunters can find great deals on electronics while those looking for computers will do well by shopping at Sim Lim Square.  If you are more interested in boutiques, handicrafts, and textiles, the thieves market is where you should go.

Regardless of what you are looking for, Singapore has something to offer.



Singapore: A Great Place to Visit

Singapore’s appeal as a visitor destination remains among the best-kept. With its broad paths, green spaces, child-friendly features, amazing tourist attractions as well as epic sanitation, Singapore is maybe one of the world’s best cities to go to with kids in tow. Round up the kids then makes this tiny island your utmost family members playground.

Singapore Zoo was Developed to help you get up close and personal with all creatures from the small to the big, Singapore Zoo uses all-natural barriers such as rock wall surfaces, greenery, and streams in order to help you really feel part of the activity. There’s a lot of ground to cover so jump on the guided tram first off to get your bearings. You will want to note the feeding times for the animal (specifically in areas creatures may be hidden in the trees like in the Fragile Forest) then follow the caretakers to see the pets at their most active.

S.E.A. Aquarium

At S.E.A. Aquarium, you can dive below the surface on Sentosa Island to an outstanding undersea globe overflowing with greater than 800 varieties of marine animals residing in 49 various environments. Kids will be mesmerized by the huge groupers, impressive manta rays, moon jellyfish as well as other animals of the deep as they roam in the water tank passages. At the Discover Touch Pool, little hands can get wet by touching animals like urchins and sea stars; the moray eel dome is also an awesome place to check out for an eye-to-eye sight.


Jurong Bird Park

Aspiring bird viewers can discover more than 5,000 birds spanning 400 varieties at Asia’s largest bird park, situated a thirty minutes drive from the city center. Vibrant exhibits include the Penguin Coast, Birds of Victim, Wings of Asia as well as Falls Aviary; see to it to visit Lory Loft space to feed the group of pleasant lorikeets. Join the Kings of the Skies show if you want your child to experience the thrill of the hunt, where birds of prey show just what they do best– to become a volunteer on stage, encourage your child to raise their hand when the presenter asks for a volunteer so they’ll get to go up on the stage. With damp as well as completely dry areas, the bird-themed play area provides an area for children to spread their own wings and run wild.

Fun Places for Children in Singapore

Asia’s first kids garden to let them learn about nature while they burn some energy. This garden is packed with interesting as well as instructional areas that include a Magic of Photosynthesis and sensory garden, the playground, part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, lets kids use interactive terminals and also enjoyable activities to learn–watch as they get dirty in the sand pit, see them whiz down the tree house slides, get soaked in the waterworks area, and get lost in the maze.

The onsite Kidz Café provides tiny tables and chairs that cater to children and also a kid-friendly food selection. Coffee is available to help the adults keep up with the children, but if you seek a truly fantastic cup, head to Cluny Court for Da Paolo Gastronomia, opposite the Botanic Gardens MRT (city) terminal. Did we mention it’s free? Be sure to pack sunscreen and hats, as well as a lot of water to drink, and try to be there during times when it isn’t so hot.

Far East Organisation Children’s Garden

As part of comples in Marina Bay, the Gardens By the Bay is a cost-free state-of-the-art play area that has been particularly developed for kids aged one to twelve. Split right into 2 locations, the yard enables children to appreciate connecting with nature and exploring based upon their age group. Children that are under 6 have their very wet and dry play area that is surrounded by thick yards so big children cannot conveniently run in. The highlight for older kids will be the rain forest tree homes; surrounded by amazing play equipment like spider web and turning slide, and climbing ropes, it’s where forest dreams come to life. When it’s time to cool down, go to the water area where youngsters will certainly love the water impacts sequenced to their activities.

There’s a cafe onsite but for some usually Singaporean price youngsters will like, head to the GBTB grounds for Satay By The Bay, for delicious affordable food.


Gardens for Children in Singapore

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Are your children full of energy? Head to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, secrets in Asia even though it’s made “ideal places to go” lists from the New York Times to Lonely Earth recently.

This island city-state on the southerly edge of the Malay Peninsula is greater than a successful business facility full of ex-pats– it’s a center of development, an urban forest that does not scrimp on the jungle, a food lovers destination where bordering societies of Asia fuse right into the food. Baseline: If you’re seeking to go to the city of the future today, Singapore is where to go.

Singapore’s rivals Hong Kong and Dubai with its gleaming contemporary style as it steals the headings and covers pictures in Asia. Yet you’ll discover these new-world skyscrapers additionally share a room with the Old World in Singapore. Buddhist and Hindu temples, centuries-old colonial buildings and also vibrant rows of store homes are established against the remarkable background of the ever-growing skyline. Considering that twenty-two percent of the land Singapore was reclaimed from the sea, the island is continuing to grow.

One of the very first things a visitor to Singapore will certainly see is exactly how clean as well as organized everything is. In most parts of Asia, it’s common to have lots of motorcycles on the streets and skies that are smoggy. Include that to the fact that English is an official language, the trains are timely, taxis are ever-present and economical (call your taxi driver “uncle”), and the island is much less than 30 miles from one end to the other, and you’ll discover it’s less complicated to get around than almost anywhere else in Asia.

Singapore’s history as a trading center means there are 4 main languages with English being one of them. That makes snagging fresh fruit at Tiong Bahru Market, wandering for classy finds on Haji Lane, as well as hanging around in the hipster coffee bar of Jalan Besar a fun day for also the most directionally challenged of site visitors.